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The GimmePro Story

Hey there,

I'm Shawn, a physical therapist from Arizona who picked up golf to hang out and enjoy being outdoors with friends. I quickly realized that a solid short game makes a huge difference on the course. I spent a lot of time practicing my chipping and noticed how annoying it was to gather those scattered balls afterward. It seemed like everyone was wasting a lot of time and effort.

So, I decided to come up with a better solution. I wanted to create a sleek, compact tool that would fit right in your golf bag and make collecting balls easy. That’s when I met Thinh Tran, a fellow golfer and product development whiz. With much help from others, we teamed up and brought this idea to life.

After countless hours of research and design, we created GimmePro. Our mission is simple: to help golfers take their short game to the next level with innovative, easy-to-use tools.

We’re all about making a difference in how golfers practice and play. Come join us on this journey as we improve our short games, one flop shot at a time.


Shawn and Thinh

Got questions? Reach out at proshop@gimmepro.golf