About us

The GimmePro Story

At Gimme Golf Lab, we are in the pursuit of chipping excellence and we frequently practice our short games during the week.

Recognizing the challenges faced at the practice greens, we saw the impracticality of traditional solutions. Collecting golf balls around the green and bending over frequently can cause pain, and takes a lot of time.

Our journey began in April 2022, driven by a commitment to finding a better solution. The development of GimmePro is a collaboration between everyday golfers, tour professionals, and esteemed coaches. Through attention to detail and incorporating fantastic feedback, we navigated many design challenges to bring you a great product.

GimmePro has been very fun to create, and we are proud to now offer a compact and convenient solution tailored to the needs of every golfer.

We are grateful for your support in making GimmePro a reality. 

Gimme Golf Lab team

Contact us at proshop@gimmepro.golf