Short game 24 golf ball drill

Short game 24 golf ball drill


Master Your Short Game with the 24-Ball Golf Drill

Here's a quick and easy short game drill to dial in your chipping.

  1. Find a chipping location approximately 10 yards off the green.
  2. Place 24 golf balls at your feet (see GimmePro).

The Drill

  1. First 9 Balls: Target Variety

    • Aim at the three pins on the green.
    • Hit three consecutive shots per pin:
      • One high shot (lob or flop shot).
      • One stock shot (standard chip).
      • One low shot (bump and run).
    • Repeat this sequence for all three pins.
  2. Next 9 Balls: Target Variety with Different Pins

    • Again, target the three pins.
    • Hit one shot per pin (total of three shots):
      • All three shots low (focus on distance control)
      • Then repeat 3 shots mid height, and high floppers 
  3. Final 6 Balls: Precision

    • Two shots per pin.
    • Try to make the shots:
      • Aim for the center of each pin.
      • Focus on accuracy and landing close to the hole.

This is a quick drill that will dial in your flow and get your hands warmed up. Focus on controlling the clubface through impact, and managing your tempo


Short game area at Kevin Haime Goilf School in Kanata, Ontario

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